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The PaAtMa®YogaMassage has evolved from Hatha-Yoga and adjoin Yoga-Positions (Asanas) into a fluently motion sequence. Breath stimulating distensions vary with phases of ease, leading to a deep recreation. While staying completely passive, you experience the soothing effect of Yoga and get yourself entirely into relaxation.

The Word "PaAtMa®" consists of: "Pa"=Passive and "AtMa"=in the indian vitalism implies "breath of life" and "soul".

Traditionally the PaAtMa®YogaMassage is elaborated at a pad on the floor. So an optimal freedom of movement is ensured.

The PaAtMa®YogaMassage also can be executed excellently at the massage couch, wich offers expanded options.

Similarities to the PaAtMa®YogaMassage can be found in "Thai-Yoga-Massage" and "Shiatsu".



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