The Offer

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Home visits, every massage from 60 minutes on is bookable mobil as well that is home/company visits or for any event. Please contact me for in order to arrange a time and location.

Gift Voucher, every massage can also serve as a gift. Give your loved ones pleasure and relaxation with a massage gift voucher.

Full Body Massage, 60 minutes and along with it 15 minutes stay lying down (Be good to yourself. Plan about 2 hours).

Partial Massage, (shoulder, neck, head & back) 40 minutes plus minimal 5 minutes stay lying down (Be generous to yourself. Plan about an hour).

MidiMassage, (shoulder, neck & head) 25 minutes in addition of minimal 5 minutes stay lying down (Be generous to yourself. Plan about three-quarters of an hour).

"Fistful Of Dollars" The-10²-MiniMassage, for your employment, your event or at the hotel, the MiniMassage (shoulder & neck or neck & head) starting from 10 times 10 minutes.

Mother-And-Child-Massage, the massage while pregnancy, supine and sideways position.

"Fresh Into The Day", the powerful wake-up-massage for start up the day.

"Eased Into The Weekend", after a demanding week, or simply to come down, to get away from it all and afterwards excellent sleep through the night (ideally with house visit).

Emergency-Massage, sometimes speedy aid is required, that means: use your phone! And I provide for your urgently necessary relaxation.

"Four Hands For One Haleluja", the 4-Hand-Yoga-Massage, together with my colleague, Alexandra Reuter. A very special Experience - 60 minutes and 15 minuten stay lying down (Plan about 2 hours).


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